Volunteer stories

Marianne Carter, Burns Therapy

Marianne with survivors

As a Sister on the Burns Unit Marianne is responsible for caring for children with burns injuries, and supporting and teaching patients and their families in burns aftercare. She is also responsible for teaching junior staff and students on wound assessment and management and often works in the burns and plastics aftercare clinic which focuses on wound care and scar management. Marianne is currently undertaking a specialised burns course which examines all aspects of care for the thermally injured patient. This course enables clinicians to look at current practice within their speciality and encourages them to improve the care provided.

Marianne has travelled to India with Interburns to assist with teaching on burns care from the paediatric perspective and scar management. She has assisted ASTI’s partner in Pakistan and is keen to continue to work in this area. ASTI is extremely grateful for Marianne’s time and expertise.

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