Survivor stories

Nila, Bangladesh

Nila was attacked with acid by her husband only a few weeks after her marriage took place. She was just nineteen years old. The defining characteristic of acid burns is the long-lasting period of tissue destruction that continues until all the acid is neutralised, by the application of water for instance. Nila was left to suffer for up to five hours before anyone responded to her cries of agony, locked alone in her house after having acid thrown straight in her face,.

What Nila most desired was to carry on going to school, to pass her exams, to get an education. Her punishment for expressing this dream to her husband was to have her skin melted with litres of highly corrosive acid thrown over her head, face and neck; industrial substances so terribly strong that they are normally used to clean rust from metals.

In Nila’s own words, “I woke up around midnight and found my husband sitting on a chair with his eyes bloodshot out of anger. I asked him what had happened, but no response. He just walked up to me with a glassful of liquid and poured it down over my head”.

“The man to whom we handed over our beloved daughter with the hope that he would nurture her dream, has shattered it instead”, Nila’s mother said

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