ASTI to appear at The Commission on the Status of Women conference in New York

The theme of the conference will be the plight of rural girls and women who have been subjected to acid violence – where acid is deliberately thrown in order to wound and scar – and the importance of international policies in the struggle to end violence against women and girls. Although this is a global problem, the focus will be on South Asian countries.

Panel will be as follows:

• Acid Survivors Trust International (ASTI) Chair, Dr. John Morrison – what acid violence is and how the global response has grown
ASTI Vice Chair, Dr. Kate Young – key Issues
• Acid Survivors Foundation (ASF) of Bangladesh, Executive Director, Ms. Monira Rahman, and acid attack survivor, Fozilatun Nessa – joint witness presentation
• Representative from the UK’s Department for International Development; Conflict and Humanitarian Assistance Department (CHASE) – statement
• Women’s UN Report Network (WUNRN) – Ms. Lois A. Herman – presentation
Moderator: Ms. Leanne MacMillan – International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims, Denmark – Head of Policy (and ASTI Trustee)
Sponsors: The Women’s UN Report Network and Widows Rights International

ASTI wishes to thank: the UN Trust Fund and DFID/CHASE for funding support; WUNRN for practical and moral support; Bangladesh ASF whose great work has created a model for other countries to follow.

Posted on February 13th 2012 by Office in ASTI news

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