How we help

Survivors journey

A survivor of an acid attack is faced with a long journey of rehabilitation. It is not possible to provide the treatments that survivors require through a single intervention or operation. The long-term and multifaceted support necessary to help survivors rebuild their lives can only come from the community they live in, where local practitioners can work with them on an ongoing basis. Unfortunately, in many countries with high levels of acid attacks the support that victims need is simply not available.

To resolve this problem and meet the ongoing needs of survivors in an effective and sustainable manner, ASTI has developed local capacity to support acid survivors by setting up partner organisations in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Nepal, Pakistan and Uganda. Our partner Acid Survivor Foundation Bangladesh was the first of ASTI’s network of partners to be set up and has served as the model for all subsequent in-country partners.

ASTI and its partners aim to provide survivors with an integrated programme of support, meeting their medical, psychological, social and legal needs. We work to:

Ensure survivors of acid and burns violence have the best available medical treatment

Provide legal support and advice to survivors and their families

Assist in the rehabilitation, education and training of survivors, so that they can lead independent and fulfilling lives despite their injuries

Prevent, reduce and ultimately eliminate acid attacks

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